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Computer Adaptive Testing


A brief history of computer adaptive testing.
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Computer Adaptive Testing
  1. 1905
    1. Alfred Binet created an IQ test based on the theory of adaptive testing in France.
    2. 1970-1980
      1. Frederich Lord worked out the theoretical structure and practical details of a mass administered test.
      2. September 2, 2010
        1. The Presiden's Race to the Top Initiative provides two consortia $178 million to research and create CAT test.
        2. 1993
          1. The GRE program introduces 1st high-stakes, large scale CAT testing for entrance exams.
          2. 1997
            1. The US military begin using a CAT exam at all Military Entrance Processing Stations.
            2. 1994
              1. NCLEX, the largest licensure testing program in the United States begins testing with computers.
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