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Alec character profile.
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  1. Alec's mother died at the very beginning of the play.
    1. Alec grieved openly and so he got past his mothers death
      1. "I was standing there, crying – real big deep sobs"
      2. "Yer mammy's dead"
      3. Alec slowly drifted away from his father.
        1. At the beginning of the play Alec finds a old, wooden, toy boat which is all needs sails.
          1. He asked his father to fix the sails but Davie kept putting it off.
            1. "Ah'm gonna get ma da tae fix it up."
        2. He got more involved in his school work.
          1. He also involves himself in religion.
            1. Later in the play he realises that he doesn't know if God is really something he believes in God. He just finds it all very interesting.
              1. "Jesus to come walking across the back and tell me everything was alright."
              2. "Aye. Well. Its a good school."
              3. Alec is panning on going to a private all boys school an then he wants to go to University.
                1. Alec was once proud of his fathers trade but as his dads depression and and lack of employment progresses he becomes less proud.
                  1. "But he's really a sailmaker. That's his real job.
                  2. Alec is intelligent and creative.
                    1. Alec passed his test to get into the private all boy school.
                      1. "Ah've passed."
                    2. Alec was really close to his cousin Alec.
                      1. "we could go tae America and live wi real Indians"
                        1. This shows the close family relationship Alec and Ian had and Alec's creative side,
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