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utilización del have to y must
Ariz Ayala
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Ariz Ayala
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  1. Uses of the gerund (verb+ -ing).
    1. Uses
      1. After verbs: like, love, hate, enjoy etc.
        1. As a subject or object.
          1. After prepositions.
          2. Examples
            1. 1. I love reading in bed
              1. 2. You spend too long playing video games.
                1. 3. She isn't very good at parking her boyfriend's car.
                  1. 4. We ended the evening by thanking everybody for coming.
                    1. 5. I'm thinking of buying a new dress.
                  2. Have to, don't, must, mustn't.
                    1. Have to/ Don't have
                      1. +: subject+have/ has to+ verb+complement
                        1. We have to try that new restaurant in town.
                          1. She has to attend classes.
                          2. -: subject+ don't/doesn't to+ verb+complement
                            1. We don't have to go to work next week.
                              1. He doesn't have to exercise in week.
                              2. ?: question+ subject+have/ has to+ verb+complement?
                                1. Do you have to bed?
                                  1. Does your sister have to go to Japon for her University?
                                  2. Uses
                                    1. Have to: obligations, rules ( external)
                                      1. Don't have to: something is not necesary
                                    2. Must/ Mustn't
                                      1. +: subject+ must+verb+ complement
                                        1. He must be early
                                        2. -: subject+ mustn't+verb+ complement
                                          1. You mustn't take photos
                                          2. ?: Must+ subject+ verb+complement?
                                            1. Must I legal age for drinking beer'
                                            2. Uses
                                              1. Must: rules, obligations (internal)
                                                1. Mustn't: prohibition
                                            3. Uses of the infinitive with to.
                                              1. To verb (in simple form)
                                                1. Use
                                                  1. After verbs: want, need, would, like, etc.
                                                    1. After adjetives
                                                      1. Questions words: what, where, why...
                                                        1. Reason for something
                                                        2. Examples
                                                          1. 1.I need to buy a dress for the party tonight.
                                                            1. 2. It's important not to say
                                                              1. 3.I don't know where to go or what to do.
                                                                1. 4.A: Hi, I'm Sara B: I'm Zed. Nice to meet you.
                                                                  1. 5. Do you find it difficult to talk my mum?
                                                              2. Modifiers
                                                                1. Incredibly
                                                                  1. It's incredibly kind of you to help
                                                                  2. Really
                                                                    1. Kate is really beutifull
                                                                    2. Very difficult
                                                                      1. English pronucitiation is very difficult
                                                                      2. Quite
                                                                        1. Enlish grammar is quite complicated
                                                                        2. A bit
                                                                          1. David is a bit faster than me
                                                                          2. Not Very
                                                                            1. I'm not very good at learning languages
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