Gardening/Lets grow it

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A term brainstorm for using gardening theme.

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Gardening/Lets grow it
  1. Science
    1. Growing seeds - life cycle, Needs of the plant
      1. Pests - Life cycle, natural vs poison to keep away
        1. worm farm/composting
          1. Soil compostion
            1. Seasons for planting
            2. Art/technology
              1. Sketching
                1. Designing planter areas
                2. Maths
                  1. Measurment - Plants, planter areas etc
                    1. Problem solving e.g I can grow 5 lettuces in that space how much space do I need to grow 50?
                      1. Add/Sub, Mult/Div - seeds, planting/picking, produce etc
                      2. Literacey
                        1. Reading
                          1. Real life - Packaging, informational texts
                          2. Writing
                            1. Instructions e.g How to grow a lettuce.
                              1. Information Report writing
                                1. Diary writing/record keeping eg weather, growth of plants, input
                                2. Oral
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