Daz 4 Zoe- Robert Swindells

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A novel by Robert Swindells

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Daz 4 Zoe- Robert Swindells
1 Characters
1.1 Zoey: Is a young girl that lives in the rich areaof the city in Britain , she has the perfect life a good education ,good clothes and all her friends are in that part of the society so she only knows that part of the society.She is in love with Daz he makes her question the society where is is
1.1.1 Daz: Is a young boy that lives in the "poor part" of the city he lives in the "chippies" part he has to face a lot of problems in his life his brother death he is in love with zoey and he has a bad education thats why he tells the story that way. Zoe´s father: He is the one that represents the community of subbys people where people have a lot of money and think the chippies aren´t humans and are more like monters zoe´s grandma: She is a rolemodel for Zoe and she is the one that listen to her problems and she gave her the best advices the only one that understands her
2 Settings
2.1 The novel is developed in Britain, some time in futurewhen society is divided is dividedin different communities.It also take place in a club named Blue Moon where Daz and Zoe found each other and fell other.
3 The story is about a girl that live in a nice part of the city and a boy that lives in the poor part they meet in a club in the chippy part in an adventure night Zoe had with her friends.In the story is show how the city is separated and how people from the subby part are isolated from the other part they don´t have any contact.Zoe and Daz fell in love but society didn´t let them be together the story shows all the problems they face because of the society.
3.1 I liked the story because it is not only the love story that is only a way to tell and made a critical analysis to our society and the way ir represented with the characters made the reader get in the history and is a book with a context that got you in a reflection i recommend the novel and the author because he wants to convince young people that reading is a pleasure and he does
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