Private Education and Social class

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Private Education and Social class
1 Most articles focus on working class backgrounds
1.1 Young white boys from working class backgrounds
1.1.1 Perform poorly educationally Young parents disadvantaged backgrounds
2 Privledged backgrounds must be included in research
2.1 Young middle class women asked about sexual and intimate relationships
2.1.1 Middle class looking down on lower classes Classes not defined, people still distinguish between them Not one middle class, different types= middle class fractions Better opportunities offered by private school Boarding gets you ready for adult life emphasise put on other girls- money, clothes, etc Popularity and wealth Bubble of priviledge Social class deeply embedded in society
3 54 young women-in depth discussion
3.1 Sixth form at fee paying school
3.1.1 Not focused on how middle class and privately educated understand and discuss social class Responses produced indirect/direct references to socioeconomic and social class
4 4 boarding schools
4.1 Chavs and working class terms used
5 Private better than state education
5.1 Teachers have better knowledge
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