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Client Profile
1 Product Ranges
1.1 Green Woods Furniture sells mainly Bedroom furniture but also sells things for other rooms.
1.1.1 Green Woods sells Bedroom items like Bed frames, Bedside tables, Dressers, Wardrobes and desks. Green Woods also do dining room tables and chairs and do arm chairs, sofas and TV media units for the living room
2 Materials
2.1 They use both types of wood
2.2 local sources/materials
2.2.1 They use natural finishes
3 Price ranges of furniture
3.1 The products that Green Woods have to offer are quite expensive
3.1.1 The prices at Green Woods are expensive compared to the likes of IKEA. For a double bed frame in Green Woods range from £345-£745 were as in IKEA the bed frame prices range from £109-£345.Also at Green Woods Bedside tables range from about £145-£220 although in IKEA they range from about £20-£80
4 Sustainability
4.1 When a customer spends £500 or more the company will replant a tree in the forest of Avon Trust
5 Advertising
5.1 The shop uses a range of advertising techniques and social medias to advertise them selves like for example, Facebook, Twitter and BlogSpot
6 Customer
6.1 People really like the shop and are pleased with their buys. People are also say that the furniture looks lovely and say I quote "Its as sturdy as an elephant "
7 Made to Measure furniture
7.1 All there products are custom, made-to-measure to fit your requirements.
7.1.1 It would take allot longer to do it this way because it is made to measure your unique requirements
7.1.2 The Bespoke means that the company will make you design from scratch.
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