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  1. Materials
    1. Some of our furniture is made of FSC woods certified.
      1. Green woods offer lots of different hard woods and soft woods.
      2. Sustainability
        1. when a customer spends over £500 they will plant trees locally so that they can use that tree in the future.
        2. Advertising
          1. The shop promotes them self by having a website and also by social media
          2. Customer
            1. All of Greenwoods customers are very pleased with there products
            2. Made to Measure Furniture
              1. This means all there products can be custom, to fit whatever you need
                1. Its would take longer because they are making something to your exact requirements and they will have to come measure were the furniture is going.
                  1. Bespoke means that they will build something from scratch.
                2. Price Ranges Of Furniture
                  1. The products are expensive because they are all made to a certain persons measurements
                    1. IKEA are a lot cheaper than Greenwoods because they IKEA are a huge company so they buy everything in bulk.
                  2. Product Ranges
                    1. Rooms
                      1. Dining Room
                        1. Living Room
                          1. Bedroom
                            1. Kitchen
                              1. Bathroom
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