Theology: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Theology

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Theology: Chapter 2
  1. Freedom
    1. The Moral Act
      1. True freedom is not doing whatever you want, but doing what you ought
        1. The more moral you act, the freer you are
        2. More knowledge, better conscience, more freedom
        3. Conscience
          1. Application of the objective moral law to concrete circumstances
            1. the more knowledge one possesses, the more morally responsible one is for his/her own actions
              1. The reality is seen in both Sacred Scripture and through human experience, applies moral truth
            2. How is it formed?
              1. practice frequent and honest self-examination and Reconciliation
                1. Elements of Repentence
                  1. Contrition
                    1. Purpose of Amendment
                2. Not infalliable
                3. Man is a free and more being, responsible for his own acts
                  1. Conscience helps your morals, which ties into freedom
                  2. Grace
                    1. Actual Grace- what we recieve from sacraments
                      1. Sanctifying Grace- supernatural gift
                      2. Love
                        1. if love is taken or required it is no longer free
                        2. Lessen Moral Fault
                          1. Ignorance
                            1. The lack of knowledge
                            2. Inadvertence
                              1. not noticing something
                              2. Duress
                                1. Being put under force
                                2. Fear
                                  1. being afraid
                                  2. Habit
                                    1. acting in an almost involuntary way because of having done the same thing
                                    2. Inordinate Attatchment
                                      1. desire for something that goes beyond reason
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