Federally Funded Schools on Reserves: An Academic Crisis

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This map shows the connections between the issues surrounding the low academic success rate in First Nation (Federally funded) schools.

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Federally Funded Schools on Reserves: An Academic Crisis
1 Federal government and AANDC transfer funds to First Nations to control local education
1.1 Provincial Schools receive double the amount for tuition per student than the non aboriginal counterpart
1.1.1 Those with little formal training (often locals) in Education are put in positions of power (Board Members, Committees, Directors, etc.) Limited understanding of curriculum and expectations in comparison to Provincial standards Lack of effective managment Misappropriation of funds: Training for board members, committees; usually out of town; frequent absenteeism. Hiring and re-hiring of teachers Local Teachers May deliver a great quality of education because they are personally invested in their community May deliver a poor quality of education do to feeling of job security and entitlement Outside Teachers Often first year teachers with minimal knowledge of aboriginal issues and culture Quality teachers will be drawn out by salaries in Provincial schools
1.1.2 Salaries will not match provincial scales High Staff Turnover
1.1.3 Less Funding for Educational resources Missed, Undiagnosed Students Behavioral Issues Teacher Burn Out Overworked and Underpaid Staff High Staff Turnover Difficulty in delivering consistent school-wide programming No school policy on absenteeism of students Social Services and Schools do not work together to address this iissue Multi levels of student not being met Frequent Absenteeism Lack of access: technological, extra-curricular and assessment tools Less money for support staff to satisfy number of needs
2.1 Struggle to get employement
2.1.1 Living life of poverty Disadvantaged in skills and education THE POVERTY CYCLE
3 Effective Schools Systems:
3.1 Positive Home School Relations
3.1.1 A Safe and Orderly Environment Effective use of class time Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress Supportive Management and Leadership HIGH EXSPECTATION FOR SUCCESS A Clear, Consistent School Mission
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