Engine Repair

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Process for engine repari devel

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Engine Repair
1 14th April Looked at course descriptor
2 14th April Looked at course descriptor
2.1 Assessments? Don't change
2.2 Agreed: each course have its own course page and to meet regularly and keep everyone in the loop
2.3 Investigated: ability to open topics when one completed
2.4 Asked to keep track of time.
2.5 Each person took on a role
2.5.1 Course material Aug 22nd - 140 hrs
2.5.2 Glossary Aug 22nd 12 hrs
2.5.3 Quizzes Aug 22nd 30 hrs
2.5.4 Health and safety videos Aug 22nd 9 hrs
2.5.5 Keeping it going Sept 25th 62 hrs
2.6 Meeting 23 April
2.6.1 Discussions about using CDX Looked at course planning document
2.6.2 Report to reference group 11 June Usability study with Stu's group Changes made-= mostly navigation Reference group meeting 14th September Generally good response Changed images checked navigation added how to use Moodle Checked language and glossary links
2.7 Started using the course planning document
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