the rivER system,,

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the rivER system,,
1 waterfalls,,, nice ive never rly seen one lol
1.1 gues what. coMMon sense time
1.1.1 it's a sudDEn fall of water. it's a fALL OF WATER. WATER faLL. whAt did u thiNK IT WAS
1.2 what's not common sense is?? how it's formed :0
1.2.1 river flows from resistant 2 less resistant. ah, that makes sense!! so the downstream not resistant rocks = !! eroded faster !! omg waterfall commENCE but w/ ths said, use the keywords GRADIEnt and dIFFERENTIAL EROSION!!!!!!!
1.3 pLUnge pools, too !!
1.3.1 ... haha water PLUNGEs against the rocks below the waterfall, but alas, it's not that simple . this depression is deepened & enlarged by the HYDRAULIC ACTION of the plunging water !! and also, the swirling of water there, causing aBRASIOn. there u have it! a plunge pool
1.4 annotation coming
1.4.1 okay so undercutting = gorge the overhang str8 up collapses :00 and then the plungepool !! yaY
2 blue, to represent wATER
3 meanders
3.1 bends in a river as sinuosity increases
3.1.1 usually occur in rivers w coarser load,,
3.2 they lied. they said we aren't tested on pools & riffles, but its related so listen up
3.2.1 carisse.. what r pools nd riffles pools r deeper parts of the river where fine sediments like silt ! r deposited riffles r shallow !! where coarser stuff like pebbles r deposited
3.2.2 um.. hoW?? u make 0 sense riffles slow down velocity before it picks up again!! neat so like,, alternating velocity, different levels of erosion = meander s!
3.3 water tends to flow faster around the bends on the oUTER side, more erosion!1
3.3.1 then this eroded stuff slides down, forms a river cliff ,,, the cliff is concave shaped !! so conCAVE BANK, outsiDE
3.4 as for the inner banks, water is slower, more deposition!!
3.4.1 deposits have this gentle slip off slope,, inner bank = convex bank
4 oxbow lakes
4.1 gdi. they should call it a horseshoe lake. it's horseshoe shaPED
4.1.1 formed after meanders!1 lateral erosion & undercutting occur on the concave bank, deposition on convex the continuous erosion / deposition make the convex and concave bank get closer,, basically a v pronounced meander yEs ! the narrow neck of land is finally cut through, either by lateral erosion of 2 concave banks or the v strong currents of a flood
5 levees
5.1 ok so like. when it floods !! we got a problem
5.1.1 but we have levees!1 niCE
5.1.2 basically, levees block the water from overflowing and going where we don't want it to go. they're naturally made of earth!! like the natural movement of water pushes the sediments to the side of the river
6 floodplaiNS
6.1 are like, plains which hold the excess water when there;s a flood!
6.2 they hodl the excess water that gets past the levees to prevent furTHEr flooding,,,
6.3 okay here's some annotating for the rly small picture
6.3.1 the green part is the flood plain. when the river floods, that's where the flooded water goes !!!!!!!
7 transportation
7.1 foUR TYPEs
7.1.1 (1) SOLUTION minerals r dissolved in the water and carried along as a solution!!
7.1.2 (2) SUSPENSIOn rEEaaaly fine particles are brought along in the water !!
7.1.3 (3) SAltation small pebbles & stones bounced along the river bed !! ah cute
7.1.4 (4) TRACTIOn hUUuuge ass boulders / rocks are bounced bOUcned along the river bed :))
8 eroSION!!!!
8.1.1 (1) HYDRAULIC ACTION the force of the river against the banks which causes air to be trapped in the cracks. the pressure weakens the banks and gradually wears it away
8.1.2 (2) ABRASION rocks carried along by the river wear down the bed and banks !!
8.1.3 (3) ATTRITION rocks being carried by the river smash tgt and break in2 smaller particles
8.1.4 (4) soLUTION soluble particles are dissolved into the river,,, some acidic thing lmAO
9 u better know how 2 annotate
9.1 oxbow lakes, levees, plunge pools & waterfalls
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