System Analysis

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System Analysis
1 Clockwise cycle
1.1 Fact Finding
1.1.1 Feasibility Study Analysis Phase System Design Testing Implementation Documentation Evaluation Did the system met its objectives? Can it be further improved? The new system have to be assessed and suggestions and feedback form users should be taken into consideration for further improvements of the system. After testing is done successfully User documentation Used to explain to the user how to use the system. It is presented as a user guide to the user Items found -Screenshots of the user interface -Step by step instructions on how to launch and operating the system Technical documentation A report to allow users to alter/upgrade the system in the future. Troubleshooting can also be done Items found -System flowcharts -File structures -Pseudocodes How the new system will be implemented Direct Implementation New system replaces the old system entirely Users will immediately enjoy the benefits of the new system. Advantage Users unfamiliar with the new system and will find difficulties coping the sudden change. New system may have major errors Disadvantages Phased Implementation Parts of old system slowly replaced by the new one. It will take a longer time in order to make sure every part works before the next begun System can be tested for errors before the full implementation Advantage Take a longer period of implementation which results in the full benefits being delayed Disadvantages Parallel running New system implemented alongside with old system to check whether it works. If new systems fails, old system will be a backup. After all problems solved, old system is discarded User can fall back on the old system if new system fails Advantages Since each job is done twice, there is more work for users when both system is running simulataneously Disadvantages The process of testing is to check whether the new system functions works as expected with both normal usage and potential problems Types of input data Normal data See if inputing correct values will achieved expected results Example If question request to input month The user will be required to type in any value range from (1-12) such as 4 for the month of April Abnormal data Check for validation and error-checking routines Example If question request to input month The user will be required to type any outside the range or unacceptable values Such as -5 which is not a possible month number Containing errors Extreme data To make sure validation works and calculations cope with a very large or small number Example If question request to input month The user will be required the edges of acceptable range such as the maximum or minimum Such as 1 or 12 which is acceptable as it represents January and December
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