Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality

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Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality

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Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality
  1. Hinduism
    1. Ultimate Nature of reality
      1. Brahman, supreme being, soul of the universe
        1. where everything comes from and where everything goes after death
          1. Has no form and everyone pictures them as they choose
            1. All gods and goddesses are part of brahman
      2. Relationship between mind and matter
        1. believe yoga connects mind and matter
          1. work with their bodies while clearing their mind and reaching peace and connecting to their Atman
        2. What is Self?
          1. Atman, "eternal self"
            1. refers to "real self" beyond ego
              1. referred to as the 'spirit' or 'soul'
                1. indicates our true self or essence that underlies existence
          2. meaning of life
            1. Four goals that shape your karma and samsara
              1. Ultimate goal is to reach moksha or enlightenment
                1. Four goals: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha
            2. Buddhism
              1. Ultimate Nature of reality
                1. The Four Noble Truths
                  1. 1. Suffering Exists
                    1. 2. The origin of suffering (negative desire)
                      1. 3. Extinction of suffering through nirvana
                        1. 4. Path leading to the extinction of suffering (the Noble Eightfold Path
                2. Relationship between mind and matter
                  1. The relationship is seen in the 3 stages of reaching Nirvana
                    1. 1. Meditation
                      1. 2. further ending of emotional, physical and mental activity
                        1. 3. being detached from the real world, beginning of nirvana
                      2. What is self?
                        1. Many ways to find one's self
                          1. The Noble Eightfold path
                            1. a way to a happier life and to self improvement
                            2. The Five Percepts
                              1. 1. Do not kill 2. Do not steal 3. Do not lie 4. Do not be unchaste 5. Do not take drugs or drink intoxicants
                              2. The Six Perfections
                                1. Giving, Mortality, Patience, Vigor, Meditation, Wisdom
                            3. meaning of life
                              1. to understand suffering and how it exists
                                1. want to reach enlightenment and nirvana to end their reincarnation
                            4. Confucianism
                              1. meaning of life
                                1. to transform themselves into a living example of virtue
                                2. The nature of ultimate reality
                                  1. They want to live their lives serving heaven
                                    1. ultimate goal: always be ethical, follow the Five Virtues, find balance in all aspects of life
                                    2. Relationship between mind and matter
                                      1. have to have the mind to follow the virtues and then be able to carry them out physically
                                      2. What is self?
                                        1. to fully become one's self, Confucians follow the Way of Heaven and the Five Virtues to become guardians of heaven's creations
                                          1. Five Virtues: Ren, Yi, Li, Zhi, Xin
                                      3. Taoism
                                        1. meaning of life
                                          1. the meaning of life is to embrace the journey of life
                                          2. ultimate nature of reality
                                            1. Taoists 'go with the flow'
                                              1. accept things the way they are and don't try to change things
                                              2. Taoist's ultimate reality is to be completely balanced living a world of chaos
                                              3. Relationship between mind and matter
                                                1. Taoists believe that you must open your mind to your surroundings so you can become a full part of the physical world
                                                2. what is self?
                                                  1. Stage One - Engaging Yang Qi With Intention & Effort - Bring energies together to get rid of imbalances
                                                    1. Qi is life-force, which animates the forms of the world
                                                    2. Taoists find themselves through 'Keeping The One'
                                                      1. Stage Two - Nourishing Yin Qi With Receptivity & Surrender - We let go of structured methods, in order to reach a more intelligent state of being, a deeper order which is initially experienced as chaos
                                                        1. Stage Three - The Return - Yin & Yang In Union - The “individual self” of the practitioner and the “world” in which s/he moves are now in effortless, joyful union -- and both are known as Tao.
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