Evil Rulers and Their Deeds

Sisi Costa
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Evil Rulers and Their Deeds
  1. Ivan the Terrible
    1. Ivan would toss dogs and cats out of tower windows.
      1. Ivan became so angry he choked his son to death.
        1. Ivan tortured the countryside and would send his band to kill the villagers.
        2. Nicholas ll The last Czar
          1. Nicholas was not prepared for his responsibility as a czar because he was not trained by anyone.
            1. Nicholas' serfs marched to the Winter Palace for reforms but the soldiers fired at the crown and killed many of them, this was called Bloody Sunday.
              1. Nicholas agreed to establish a kind of congress, but only for a few months.
              2. Vladimir Lenin
                1. Lenin jailed and killed anyone who disagreed with him.
                  1. Lenin overtook smaller countries.
                    1. Lenin's government owned everything and split the money equally amongst themselves.
                    2. Joseph Stalin
                      1. Stalin was definaly a dictator.
                        1. Stalin killed and imprisoned thousands.
                          1. Stalin created fear across the entire country.
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