Fifth Ward

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Fifth Ward
  1. Food Service (17)
    1. Mo Mo's Chicken & Waffle
      1. Nickel Sandwich Grill
        1. Salatos Poboys & Pizza
          1. J & J Lounge
            1. McDonald's
              1. Samburger
                1. Frenchey's Chicken
                  1. Dona Maria
                    1. Taco Bell
                      1. Domino's Pizza
                        1. Burt's Meat Market & Cajun Foods
                          1. Davis Meat Market
                            1. Hank's Fish Market
                              1. Frank's Grill
                                1. Church's Chicken
                                  1. Suko's Burger House
                                    1. Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen
                                    2. Construction
                                      1. property in the Fifth Ward may be redeveloped for single family houses, because of Hurricane Ike in 2008 and by crime in the '70s and '80s the ood still undergoes a transformation.
                                        1. Streets are still being fix on the day to day because of potholes floods and other reasons
                                        2. Health Care
                                          1. Fresenius Medical Care
                                            1. Fifth Ward Pregnancy Help Center
                                            2. Transportantion
                                              1. Metro
                                                1. Uber
                                                  1. Taxi
                                                  2. Communication
                                                    1. T-Moble
                                                      1. AT&T
                                                        1. Virgin Mobe
                                                          1. Sprint
                                                            1. Other Companies
                                                            2. Manufacturing
                                                              1. Westbrook Manufacturing
                                                                1. Berridge Manufacturing Company
                                                                  1. E-TEL
                                                                    1. General Truck Body Manufacturing Co
                                                                      1. Texas Mattress Makers
                                                                        1. Parker Hannifin
                                                                          1. Anvil International
                                                                          2. Law Firms/Lawyers
                                                                            1. Seerden Law Firm
                                                                              1. The Guidry Law Firm
                                                                                1. Neal Davis Law Firm, PLLC
                                                                                  1. Khawaja Law Firm,
                                                                                    1. Many other law firms
                                                                                    2. Agriculture
                                                                                      1. Texas Department of Agriculture
                                                                                        1. Cargill Steel Service Center
                                                                                          1. Amigo Truck Ltd
                                                                                            1. Last Organic Outpost
                                                                                              1. US Agricultural Department
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