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Mapa 1 ESO
Pere Pomares
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Pere Pomares
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  1. Made of galaxies
    1. Group of stars (Hydrogen and helium)
      1. Nebuale: Dust and gases
        1. Solar system
          1. Heliocentric . Nicolaus Copernicus
            1. Geocentric. Greeks
          2. Planets
            1. Mercury: 0 Satelits. None atmosphere
              1. Venus: o satelits. very dense atmosphere, mainly carbon dioxide.
                1. Earth:satellites the moon,atmosphere mainly nitrogen and oxygen.
                    1. The movements of the Earth
                      1. Rotation:24 hours
                        1. Revolution: 365 days. Seasons
                          1. Equinoxes:March 21;September 23.
                            1. Solstices December 21; June 21.
                          2. Hemisphere north Spain;hemisphere south south America
                            1. Moon: new Moon, Last quarter,Full Moon and First quarter.
                              1. Eclipses
                                1. Lunar eclipse.
                                  1. Solar eclipse
                              2. Mars: 2 satelits 2 atmosphere very thin mainly carbon dioxide
                                1. Rocky planets
                                2. Jupiter.63 satellites.It is the largest planet in the solar system
                                  1. Jupiter:61 satellites its rings are made of ice, dust and rock fragments.
                                    1. Uranus: 27 satellites. Rotational axis is almost horizontal.
                                      1. gas giants
                                      2. Neptune: 14 satellites. It is the most distant planet from the Sun
                                      3. Origin: Big bang Theory
                                        1. Units:
                                          1. AU: 150 million km
                                            1. Light year: 300000 km per second
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