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Approach to Classroom Management


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Approach to Classroom Management
  1. Question: What personal attributes are most associated with successful teachers?
    1. Enthusiastic and caring
      1. Warmth and Humor
        1. High Expectations
          1. Encouraging and supporting
            1. Adaptable/Flexible
              1. Knowledgeable
                1. A great teacher is a skilled leader
                  1. professionalism
                  2. Content mastery to the success in teaching.
                    1. * Comprehension
                      1. * Transformation
                        1. * Instruction
                          1. * Evaluation
                            1. * Reflection
                            2. Successful First day of School to ensure classroom management
                              1. Seat Assignments
                                1. Introductions
                                  1. Simple Personal information and Professional information
                                  2. Icebreaker activities
                                    1. telling a joke,a game and Q&A to find common grounds
                                    2. Establishment of classroom procedures .
                                      1. Distribute and preview class textbooks
                                        1. Clarify Expectations
                                        2. Successful teachers are associated with
                                          1. Instructional practices that are: Challenging yet enjoyable, Reteaches when needed, Reinforcement and feedback, Clear and focused.
                                            1. Contextual practices such as: High student engagement, Effective utilization of learning time, Monitors student progress, Supportive classroom environment,
                                            2. How do successful teachers deal with a culturally diverse student body?
                                              1. Acknowledge and understand students cultural background.
                                                1. Show respect for their culture
                                                  1. Show respect for their culture
                                                    1. Willing to create appropriate teaching strategies to accommodate all cultures.
                                                    2. Democratic classroom procedures is important
                                                      1. effective classroom management depends on the students taking responsibility for their actions.
                                                        1. the procedures as fair and they are thus encouraged to practice self-discipline.
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