Starting University

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Starting University
1 Sleep
1.1 Health
1.1.1 Stress
1.1.2 Immune system
1.1.3 Concentration
1.1.4 Exhaustion
1.2 Regular sleeping patterns
1.2.1 When attending university
1.2.2 During placements
1.3 Time where I best study
1.3.1 Evenings
1.3.2 Afternoons
1.3.3 Night
1.3.4 After university
1.3.5 Weekends
1.3.6 Days off
1.3.7 Not mornings!
2 Organisation Skills
2.1 Of notes
2.1.1 Notes made in class
2.1.2 Hand-outs from lectures Can be useful during Private study As a point of reference
2.2 resources
2.2.1 E books
2.2.2 Primo E-books Journals/articles
2.2.3 Internet
2.2.4 DLE Lecture powerpoints
2.2.5 Peers Chat rooms/Forums Meeting up with peers for assignment support
2.3 Time
2.3.1 Work/life balance
2.3.2 Social life Friends/family
2.3.3 Studying
2.3.4 Attending University
2.3.5 To read Background reading Reading list
2.4 Of I.T. documents
2.4.1 Microsoft 365 Ipad Laptop University computers Cloud storage
3 Time management
3.1 Self-study
3.1.1 Accessing help from home Emails Peers
3.1.2 Using time effectively
3.2 Attending Uni
3.2.1 Using Library Long lunch breaks After Uni At weekends
3.3 Studying
3.4 Social time
3.4.1 Friends/family
3.5 Work/life balance
3.5.1 Relaxation/stress relief
3.6 Reading
3.6.1 Books in the reading list
3.6.2 background knowledge
3.6.3 General interest
4 Studying
4.1 At home
4.1.1 Right environment Quiet Comfortable Resources
4.2 Library
4.3 Making the most of lectures
4.3.1 Good Note-taking
4.3.2 Engaging
4.3.3 Questions
4.3.4 Accessing presentations prior to lecture To prepare for the lecture Opportunity to look into areas/topics that I am unsure about
4.4 Reading
4.4.1 Reading Books E-books Journals Articles Polices Research
4.5 Utilising the most appropiate resources
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