Websites pros and cons p1

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p1 pros and cons of websites mind maps

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Websites pros and cons p1
1 National careers
1.1 Pros
1.1.1 Informative what qualifications are needed Lists skills and requirments Details job description
1.1.2 Has both courses and career options
1.1.3 Easy to navigate
1.1.4 includes satistics
1.2 Cons
1.2.1 N/A
2.1 Pros
2.1.1 Informative cost fees are included Term dates explains the course Includes requirements
2.2 Cons
2.2.1 Too much information on the page Boring to read
2.3 H&M
2.3.1 cons Boring
2.3.2 Cons Detailed clear easy to use
2.3.3 Gov Pros Easy Clear simple Informative Cons confusing at times
3.1 cons
3.1.1 includes information on job oppurtunities
3.1.2 Informative SImple
3.2 Cons
3.2.1 Information about fees isn't on the same page
4.1 Cons
4.1.1 So musch information can be hard to find barely any information on vm hard to find things
4.1.2 Confusing
4.2 Pros
4.2.1 helps you to find a career
4.3 Cancer research
4.3.1 Pros really informative easy to use enough information
4.3.2 Cons N/A
5 Ineed
5.1 pros
5.1.1 Lots of job oppurtunies easy to use simple
5.2 cons
5.2.1 some sites it led to was't informative
5.2.2 A lot going on at once
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