Ram and Rom

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Ram and Rom presentation.

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Ram and Rom
1 Ram
1.1 Ram stands for Random, Access, Memory.
1.2 Ram is a random access memory which you can access when it is still up but you can not save to the random access memory.
2 Rom
2.1 Rom stands for Read, Only, Memory.
2.2 Rom is a read only which means you cannot change any of the data.
2.3 static Ram and dynamic Ram
2.3.1 Dynamic Ram needs to be refreshed, after a while the electronics start to leak over time. If you put a bit in it in a couple of seconds it is most likely not to be there because it has already probebly reset by then.
2.3.2 once static Ram is loaded it remains the same state until the power is turned off.It never needs to be refreshed and when you put a bit in the storage device it will stay there.
3 what are the differences?
3.1 Rom is a non-volatile part of the memory where the permanent data that is necessary for operating the computer is written.
3.2 Ram also needs electricity to work, so the information stored in Ram is lost whenever the computer is turned off.
3.3 Ram is a volatile memory which means that the data can be deleted.
3.4 Rom dose not need electricity to preserve the data, so it retains the information when the computer is turned of.
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