Intestinal Pathology

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Recognise common types of intestinal pathology in animals Relate different types of intestinal pathology to clinical presentation

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Intestinal Pathology
1 Clinical signs of intestinal dysfunction
1.1 Abdominal pain
1.1.1 Acute Displacements Volvulus twisting along mesenteric axis Torsion twisting on long axis Intussusception Smaller section passes into larger section Obstruction Internal Foreign body parasites tumour External strangulating lipoma Pedunculated if free moving Obstruction of SI Acute + Severe Fluid + gas build up vomiting Metabolic alkalosis Dehydration renal flow down Uraemia
1.1.2 Chronic
1.2 Vomiting
1.3 Constipation
1.4 Diarrhoea
1.4.1 Acute
1.4.2 Chronic
2 Diarrhoea
2.1 Pathogenesis of diarrhoes
2.1.1 Altered structure/permability
2.1.2 Loss of cell transport
2.1.3 Osmotic effects
2.1.4 Altered motility
2.2 Acute
2.2.1 Loss of water Dehydration Haemoconcentration Hypovolaemic shock
2.2.2 loss of ions Hypokalaemia Metabolic acidosis
2.2.3 Often associated with infectious disease Visues Rotavirus Parvovirus bacteria Campylobacter Salmonella Clostridium spp Endoparasites Cyanthostomes protazoa Crytosporidiosis coccidiosis
2.3 Chronic
2.3.1 Chronic enterocolitis Also known as IBD Blunting/stunting/fusing of villi tips Lymphoplasmacytic Chronic lymphatic blockage Chronic inflammation Protein lost into lumen mainly albumin hypoalbuminaemia plasma osmotic down oedema, wasting Eosinophilic Granulomatous
2.3.2 Grass sickness damage to neurones nasogastric reflux oesphageal ulceration Lead to gastric dilation and rupture often from clostridium attack Symptoms Weight loss Muscle tremours Rhinitis sicca Dysphagia large colon Constipation
2.3.3 Neoplasia
2.3.4 Endoparasitism Ascarosis
2.3.5 Lymphangiectasia
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