Life and Death

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The similarities and differences between Blake and Plath's theme of life and death

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Life and Death
1 William Blake- London
1.1 "And blights with plagues that Marriage hearse"
1.1.1 Oxymoronic- linking marriage (love) to funeral (death) Love lost in the rotten world Is marriage the end of your life?
1.1.2 The "marriage hearse" is a vehicle in which love and desire combine with death and distruction
1.1.3 Blake talks about love as a negative thing that leads you to death
2 Sylvia Plath- Letter in November
2.1 "Love, the world Suddenly turns, turns color."
2.1.1 Love has metaphorically changed the colour of Sylvia's world If you can see in colour it suggests you can see more clearly and connotes Plath could possibly see a new purpose in life
2.1.2 Suggests the change in Sylvia's perspective has been positive
2.1.3 Plath talks about the positive impact of love on her life
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