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A mind map to show out ideas for Ed Space ' Churchill Academy

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Ed Space
1 promoting emotional well-being & mental health
1.1 growth mindset training for students, staff and parents
1.1.1 allowing students to explore and challenge their own mindset and develop growth mindset attributes
1.2 mindfulness training for students
1.2.1 to develop an awareness of the here and now and to give students a repertoire of coping strategies
1.3 reflective student blogging on positivity
1.3.1 to encourage an ethos of positivity within our student body
1.4 happy tweets
1.5 school run TV channel that allows students to share stories of positivity and challenge
2 therapeutic & skills focussed intervention
2.1 Education within different environments for both student and families
2.1.1 Local areas of outstanding natural beauty, informal learning opportunities for families with acute needs
2.2 1:1 counselling
2.2.1 facilitated by a part time counsellor
2.3 talking therapies
2.4 Further training for school mentoring staff
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