William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare
  1. When did shakespeare live?
    1. Shakespeare was born in April 1564, and died in April 1616
    2. What type of plays did Shakespeare write?
      1. He wrote comedies, histories, and tragedies. Shakespeare created 17 comedies, and 10 histories.
      2. What else did shakespeare write?
        1. He also wrote poems. His plays were inspired by the poems.
        2. How was Shakespeare regarded in his own time?
          1. He was regarded as one of many talented play writers, and poets.
          2. Where were his plays performed?
            1. Shakespeare's plays were performed at the globe theatre in London, as well as many other places.
            2. Who ruled England during this time?
              1. King James ruled England during shakespeare's time
              2. Who attended his plays?
                1. the very rich, lower middle class and upper middle class attended his plays.
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