The Monster's bargain with Victor

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Created by abl almost 6 years ago
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The Monster's bargain with Victor
1 What does it represent?
1.1 reversal of master/servant relationship
1.2 Power shift
1.3 Dealing with devil/Faustian pact
1.4 Bond between two characters
1.5 Victor repeating his error.
1.6 Monster's moral justification
2 Links between monster and Victor?
2.1 shifting roles of master/servant
2.2 Monster's morality is as skewed as Victor's
2.3 Monster's attitude to females the same
2.3.1 Assumes female monster will "not deny herself to me"
3 Changes in your view of the monster?
3.1 Sympathy
3.1.1 Views Victor as only hope
3.1.2 Lonely
3.2 Less sympathetic
3.2.1 Mirror image of Victor
3.3 Behaves like a human now
4 Language of the monster?
4.1 Speaks in commands
4.2 Assertive
4.3 Scientific-'species'
4.4 Melodramatic
4.5 Self-obsessed

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