2. Corporate Aims, Mission and Culture

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2. Corporate Aims, Mission and Culture
1 Aims
1.1 i.e. To become a profitable business with a long-term future
1.2 Many businesses do not note their aims, especially small organisations where employees know shared purpose.
1.2.1 Staff in a small firm may work together to achieve a common aim with a level of commitment that may not exist in a large firm that sets aims in writing.
1.3 Corporate aims act as a basis upon which to form goals or objectives for the organisation
2 Mission Statements
2.1 An attempt to put corporate aims into words that inspire
2.2 Hoped that, by summarising clearly the long-term direction, a focus is provided to inspire employees and ensure departments work together
2.3 PURPOSE (why exists) - VALUES (believes in) - STANDARDS AND BEHAVIOURS (expected by employees) - STRATEGY (competitive position)
2.4 How valuable are mission statements?
2.4.1 Coca-Cola: 'more people to drink Coke than water' 10 years later.. 'to refresh the world'.. public relations exercise?
2.4.2 Find out from staff to restore pride if they lack inspiration. (False sense of purpose won't work)
3 Culture
3.1 'The way we do things around here' .. The attitudes and behaviours shown in the workplace.
3.2 Built up as a result of:
3.2.1 Aims/ missions of business
3.2.2 Behaviour of company directors
3.2.3 Attitude of senior management to enterprise and risk
3.2.4 Recruitment and training procedures, mixture of staff
3.3 The business should develop a set of values that employees can be proud of -> motivate them.
3.4 Business culture will show through:
3.4.1 Team vs Individual: 'dog-eat-dog' fashion or effectiveness working in teams
3.4.2 Attitude to hard work: boss who expects people to give it their best, but not work overtime
3.4.3 Customer-centred or focused inwards? 'Them and us' attitude.
3.4.4 Attitude to risk: does the business establish enterprising? Or managers that can't make decisions?
3.4.5 Ethical stance: Help staff to know how to deal with difficult decisions. i.e accepting a Christmas present from main supplier.
4 Key Words
4.1 Aims: generalised statement of where you are heading - objectives can be set
4.2 Mission: passionate way of expressing an aim
4.3 Business Culture: ethos (ideas and attitudes)

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