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Pete Fraser's '10 Step Guide'


Pete Fraser's '10 Step Guide' (Mind map)
Mind Map by stagestudios, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by stagestudios over 6 years ago

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Pete Fraser's '10 Step Guide'
  1. Step 1 - 'Limber Up'
    1. preliminary exercises/
      1. learning to lip synch
        1. make notes on some music videos
          1. Try out the software and hardware we intend to use
          2. Step 2 - 'Choose the right track
            1. Make it short (3 mins 30 secs max)
              1. May be a mistake going for a well known or your favourite song
                1. Be prepared to listen to the song a lot
                2. Step 3 - 'Write a treatment/ plan of action
                  1. have a clear concept
                    1. be realistic
                      1. Be orignial
                      2. Step 4 - 'Plan for everything'
                        1. Storyboards
                          1. Keep in contact regularly with the group (Phone numbers)
                            1. Film early
                              1. Remember to bring equipment
                                1. Make sure performers have rehearsed
                                2. Step 5 - 'Use the Blog properly'
                                  1. Videos that influence you
                                    1. Use it to link ideas together
                                      1. Photos that spark ideas
                                        1. Be 'Media Rich'
                                          1. Screen Grabs
                                          2. Step 6 - 'The Shoot'
                                            1. Shoot the performance at least four-five times with different set-ups, angles
                                              1. Check the weather report
                                                1. Health and Safety
                                                  1. Locations, choice of clothes and correct props at all times
                                                  2. Step 7 - 'The Raw Footage'
                                                    1. Organise it so its easy to find
                                                      1. Break it into manageable chunks
                                                        1. Upload as soon as you can
                                                          1. Be critical with your footage, if it doesn’t work, shoot again
                                                          2. Step 8 - 'The Edit'
                                                            1. Synch up performances first
                                                              1. Get the whole picture rather than tiny details
                                                                1. Aim for a dynamic piece of work (rhythm is key)
                                                                  1. Do any effects work last
                                                                  2. Step 9 - 'Audience Feeback'
                                                                    1. Get feedback wherever you can and the sooner this comes the better
                                                                      1. Upload video to your blog via YouTube
                                                                        1. Ask for honest opinions, don’t just ask your mates
                                                                        2. Step 10 - 'The final polish'
                                                                          1. Evaluations
                                                                            1. Take advice about what is needed in your evaluation (read the ‘bible’
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