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Mac and Sofie: Role Of Female Characters:


Roll of Women in Frankenstein
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Mac and Sofie: Role Of Female Characters:
  1. Safie
    1. Safie is a minor character in the book intended to create a contrast from the typical European woman represented by Justine and Elizabeth. Unlike Justine and Elizabeth she has her own opinions and does what she wants. She runs away with Felix even though it isn’t considered socially acceptable at the time.
    2. Elizabeth
      1. Elizabeth in the story is the personification of light in the story. She is always described as kind and caring and she suppresses her own emotions in order to benefit others. She loves Victor very much but tells him that it’s all his decision whether she wants to marry her or not. The fact that she is willing to sacrifice something she wants for Victor shows how women were expected to act and what the ideal woman was at the time, not willing to share their opinion or feelings.
      2. Justine
        1. Her name means justice and honesty, she puts everyone else before her and does whatever she is told which eventually leads to her death. This shows the mentality of women at that time, they did what men told them, just as Safie listened to the priest. She knew that she didn’t kill William but she admitted to doing it because a man of higher status than her told her.
        2. Victor's Mom
          1. Victor’s mother is another minor character in the book but has a strong influence on Victor’s life and ideals. She dies caring for someone else which is the same Justine and Elizabeth. Her and the other women all put other people’s lives in front of theirs which leads to their demise. The mother is naive in her goodness and because she always puts others in front of her she dies.
          2. Intertextuality
            1. Shelley is referencing the Vindication of the Rights of Women in her novel. Women and Frankenstein don’t say much and are secondary characters. Victor and Elizabeth have the same upbringing however Elizabeth’s one goal is to marry Victor while Victor is able to do whatever he wants. The women in Frankenstein are very innocent and obedient, and they need to line up to their full potential as a woman. In the Vindication of the Rights of Women Mary Wollstonecraft is criticizing society because women are not as intelligent as men however according to religion women are equally capable, she is also criticizing women for their innocence as it is keeping them in the dark, and says that women should, “turn to the fountain of light.” Meaning that they need to be educated as they are just as capable as men.
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