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Here are some facts about the three types of Radiation, Alpha, Beta and Gamma

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1 Alpha
1.1 Helium Neculi
1.2 Consists of 2 Protons and 2 Neutrons
1.2.1 Thus has an Atomic Wight of 4
1.3 Has a 2+ Charge
1.4 Stopped by paper or a few cm of Air
1.5 Strongly Inonising


  • Ionising simply means that it takes away or gives electrons to atoms.
1.6 Weakly deflected by Electromagnetic feilds
1.6.1 Has High Momentum Linked to high mass
2 Gamma
2.1 High Energy Electromagnetic Radiation
2.2 Has no Electric Charge
2.3 No Atomic Mass
2.3.1 Wave, not a particle
2.4 Reduced by a few cm of Lead or meters of Concrete
2.4.1 Due to such high energies involved
2.4.2 Can't stop them totaly
2.5 Very weak Ionising Effect
2.5.1 Happens if it knocks off an electon
2.6 No deflection from Electromagnetic Fields
3 Beta
3.1 High Energy Electron, from the Nucleus
3.1.1 Atomic weight of 1/1860
3.2 Has a Charge of 1-
3.3 Stopped by a few mm of Aluminium
3.4 They are weakly Ionising
3.5 They are strongly deflected by Electromagnetic feilds
3.5.1 Has a very low mometum Linked to low mass
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