Effects Of WW1

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Mind Map on Effects Of WW1, created by Tornado on 11/19/2013.

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Created by Tornado almost 6 years ago
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Effects Of WW1
1 Physical
1.1 Impact on Land
1.1.1 Farmers disrupted 50% less Milk 40% less meat and butter Blocked Ports
1.2 Starvation
1.2.1 No potatoes 3/4 million died
2 Political
2.1 Impact on who runs Germany
2.1.1 Reichstag was weak No good opposition Opposition leader in jail Germany a military dictatorship
3 Phycological
3.1 Impact on people
3.1.1 Looking for someone to blame
3.2 A country once recognised
3.2.1 Squabbling

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