Object oriented programming

Edwar Lopez Sant
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Orientada a Objetos Los lenguajes de programación orientados a los objetos comenzaron durante la década de 1960 con el proyecto Simula, un intento de diseñar un lenguaje de programación que extendiera a Algo160 adecuadamentepara efectuar simulaciones de situaciones reales en computadora.

Edwar Lopez Sant
Created by Edwar Lopez Sant about 4 years ago
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Object oriented programming
1 during the early 1960s
1.1 Simulates the project
1.1.1 attempt to design a programming language that made simulations of real situations computer
1.1.2 language incorporate the concept of an object same as, similar to a real world object These ideas were incorporated into the general-purpose language Simula 67.
1.2 A program
1.2.1 It consists of a set or set of objects they can vary so dynamic They are running to act and react to each other
2 early 1970
2.1 influencia de Simula67
2.1.1 It took two different directions development of mechanisms of abstract data types was the development paradigm of the objects themselves Which considers a program as a collection of separate objects that inte-teract togethe
2.2 The main representative of this line of development was the Dynabook project
2.2.1 He is culminating in the same language Smalltalk-80
3 early 1980
3.1 a methodology for the design of programs
3.1.1 Today almost all languages have some form of structured constructions
3.1.2 OOP can be applied in languages that are not object-oriented
3.2 the ideas of OOP
3.2.1 extremely effective mechanism for promoting reuse and modification of code

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