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Created by danielberthaur almost 6 years ago
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1 Reactions with Iron
1.1 Reaction equation for fluorine
1.1.1 Iron+Fluorine-----> Iron(III)fluoride 2Fe + 3F2 --------> 2FeF3
2 Displacement reactions
2.1 A more reactive halogen can displace a less reactive one in a solution of its own salt
2.2 Chlorine+Sodium Bromide --------> Bromine + Sodium chloride
2.2.1 Cl2 + 2NaBr -----> Br2 + 2NaCl
3 Silver Nitrate Test
3.1 Halide ions can be identified by their reactions with silver nitrate
3.2 Chloride, bromide and iodide can be identified by their percipitates with silver nitrate
3.2.1 White silver chloride
3.2.2 Cream silver bromide
3.2.3 Yellow silver iodide
3.3 Ag+ and Cl- > AgCl
3.4 Important reaction takes place when the two solutions react is the one between the silver ions and the chloride ions

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