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Research: Discourse Analysis of Students' Talk


Timber Carter
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Timber Carter
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Research: Discourse Analysis of Students' Talk
  1. What made me want to do this?
    1. Inspired by listening to a research presentation on this topic at a conference
      1. Want to know if 'CT' can help students improve their speakings skills
        1. New context - American Corner!
          1. Not many people in our program have done this
          2. What do I want to know?
            1. How can the activity improve students' speaking skill?
              1. What does it mean when discourse markers and code-switching appear in a talk?
                1. Effectiveness of the activity
                2. Discourse Analysis
                  1. Research
                    1. In Thai context
                      1. In other EFL context
                        1. In out-of-class activities
                        2. What is it?
                          1. Types
                            1. How to do it?
                            2. Out-of-class activities
                              1. What is it?
                                1. Research
                                  1. Types
                                  2. Methods
                                    1. What to collect?
                                      1. Voice recordings from the activity
                                        1. Consent form
                                        2. Self-reflective journal
                                          1. Through Facebook
                                          2. Semi-structure interview
                                          3. Participants
                                            1. 'CT" participants
                                              1. Case study(?)
                                              2. When to collect?
                                                1. Now! Every Tuesday
                                                  1. For how long?
                                                  2. Pilot Study
                                                  3. What to analyze?
                                                    1. Code-Switching
                                                      1. Discourse Markers
                                                      2. Autonomous Learner
                                                        1. Individualization
                                                          1. Conversation Table
                                                            1. What is it?
                                                              1. How did it get originated?
                                                                1. How does it go?
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