Gaucher's Disease

Sylvia Smith
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WBC Disorders Mind Map on Gaucher's Disease, created by Sylvia Smith on 11/20/2013.

Sylvia Smith
Created by Sylvia Smith almost 6 years ago
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Gaucher's Disease
1 Autosomal recessive disorder
1.1 Single-gene mutation
2 Abnormal facial features
3 Liver enlargement
4 European Jewish
4.1 Prenatal counseling
4.2 Genetic screening
5 No cure
5.1 Supportive therapy
5.1.1 Severe manifestations
5.2 Enzyme replacement therapy
5.2.1 Biosyntheitc enzyme material
5.2.2 Limited quantities
5.3 Bone marrow transplantation
6 Bone marrow cell
6.1 Large
6.2 Rod-shaped inclusions
6.2.1 Crinkled tissue paper
7 Lipid storage disease
7.1 Missing enzyme B-Glucocerebrosidase
7.1.1 Undigested metabolic accumulation
8 Infant-to-adult onset
8.1 Infant onset
8.1.1 More severe
8.1.2 Shorter life-span