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  1. Mitochondria
    1. Cell respiration is carried out inside mitochondria
      1. Liver and muscle cells have large numbers of mitochondria because they need large amounts of energy to carry out their funtions
      2. DNA Structure
        1. DNA molecules have two strands coiled to a double helix
          1. The double helix has cross links made of chemicals called bases
          2. There are four different bases in DNA
            1. Each cross link contains two bases known as base pairs
          3. Chromosomes
            1. Long coiled molecules of DNA divided up into regions called genes
            2. Protein
              1. Protein structure is determined by DNA base code
                1. The order of bases found in DNA is called base code. Each three bases for an amino acid
                  1. For example, the sequence CAA codes for the amino acid called valine
                2. Protein Synthesis
                  1. > To make proteins the DNA code must be copied (transcription)
                    1. > The copied code is called messenger RNA (mRNA)
                      1. > The mRNA leaves the nucleus and travels to the ribosomes
                        1. At the ribosomes the code is used to put the amino acids together in the right order and form the protein (translation)
                    2. To make the protein, a copy of the gene is made as the gene cannot leave the nucleus.
                  2. DNA
                    1. By coding for proteins, DNA controls the functions of the cells. For example, DNA codes for the enzymes involved in respiration. Without these enzymes, respiration wouldn't take place
                      1. Watson and Crick used data from other scientists to build a model of DNA. Originally, they thought DNA was a triple helix. They needed an x-ray photography taken by Rosalind Franklin to confirm it was a double helix
                        1. When scientists make new discoveries it is important that their results are repeated by other scientists. This will help make their results valid
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