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Mental map about e-learning

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  1. Foreign Language
    1. Obstacles
      1. Limited Communication
        1. Students -Students
          1. Students - Teacher
          2. Limited repetition through interaction
            1. Difficult to master for first year students
              1. Requires too much...
                1. Planning
                  1. Preparation
                    1. Technology
                  2. It`s important to...
                    1. Have variety
                      1. Lesson plans
                        1. Strategies
                      2. Instructors must...
                        1. Accept the role is limited
                          1. Emphasize importance of self efficacy
                          2. Students must...
                            1. Take responsibility
                              1. Prioritize
                                1. Organize time
                                  1. Invest in a tutor
                                2. What is it?
                                  1. Solution designed to
                                    1. Share knowledge
                                      1. At a virtual meeting point
                                        1. Pass knowledge
                                      2. Pass Knowledge
                                    2. Advantages
                                      1. Eliminates time and space barriers
                                        1. Accesible to any person
                                          1. Different tools of information
                                            1. Debate forums
                                              1. Chats
                                                1. Video Conferencing
                                                  1. Tutorial Sessions
                                                  2. Economic Savings
                                                  3. Blending Technology
                                                    1. Ideal for largest groups
                                                      1. Part Live Class
                                                        1. Part Software class
                                                        2. Intelligent Adaptive Learning
                                                          1. Learns the learner as the learner learns
                                                            1. Helps to determine next learning experience
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