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  1. The nutritional deficiencies suffered during the time period from birth to 3 years of age cause irreversible sequels in children's growth and physical as well as cognitive development.
    1. The nutrition is one of the big problems in children breadwinner, Nevertheless do not have any solution.
      1. As the goverment have centers for men or women to stay the night and recieve some food. They can create centers for children where they can go to eat at least the three meals per day.
        1. This can help children to:
          1. Less concern for them and their parents
            1. Better Growth
          2. Organizations in Africa and Asia must get closer and make a studio about how is the percent of malnutrition, ages which are most affected, which one is the zone with more cases of children breadwinner and how they can help.
            1. In base of that, they can create a plan about nutritional education for both the family of children breadwinner and children breadwinner.
            2. Ministry of heath can create a plan or mision call "A smile for a while"
              1. It's about people that make children laugh giving some fruit, meals or chocolate.
                1. This will make the child feel happiness
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