School based magazine

Jorja Taylor
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Jorja Taylor
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A mind map for the school based magazine

Resource summary

School based magazine
1 cover photo
1.1 students
1.1.1 boy or girl happy wearing the school uniform
1.2 school logo
1.3 background
1.3.1 school field
1.3.2 blue sky
2 contents
2.1 table of contents
2.2 list of articles
2.2.1 revision help
2.2.2 quizzes
2.2.3 top 10 tips for students
2.2.4 charity events
2.2.5 sports wining teams teams to join
2.2.6 school trips
2.2.7 big plans- what to do after school?
2.2.8 starting year 7
2.3 images corresponding with articles
3 main story
3.1 main image
3.1.1 in reference to main story ideas
3.2 charity event's
3.2.1 skydiving
3.2.2 race for life
3.2.3 tough mudder
3.3 "flying high: school makes big plans for charity event"
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