Car safety features

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Car safety features
1 seat belt
1.1 Used to stretch rather than hold the passenger in place
1.1.1 Less damage to ribs Safer and giving the passenger more time before stoping
1.1.2 energy is used to stretch the fibres
2 Brakes
2.1 stops the wheels of the car skidding
2.2 making sure the wheel is still in contact with the road
3 Crumple Zone
3.1 Bends absorbing some of the energy from the collision
3.2 energy is used to bend the metal give more time for you body to absorb the energy
4 Air bag
4.1 Energy is used to slowly fill the bag full of gas and then run out once the passenger has hit it
4.2 Creates a cusion to slow the passenger gently so they don't hit the steering wheel.
5 Traction control
5.1 Helps put more grip in different parts of the car when most needed
5.2 Helps in icy weather when there is more chance of the car sliding on the ice
6 Electric windows
6.1 Stops the driver form getting distracted
6.2 reduces amount of time the drivers hands are off the wheel
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