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Pyschology Miss leading information and Eye witness testimony (Anxiety)


AS - Level Pyscology Mind Map on Pyschology Miss leading information and Eye witness testimony (Anxiety), created by jacksoncorbs on 10/15/2015.
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Pyschology Miss leading information and Eye witness testimony (Anxiety)
  1. Research
    1. Loftus and Palmer (1974)
      1. Lab experiment
        1. 5 groups of students watched a video of a car accident
          1. Used different words to describe the crash to see how fast they estimated the car was going
            1. Smashed (Estimate 41 miles)
              1. Collided
                1. Bumped
                  1. Hit
                    1. Contacted (Estimate 31 miles)
                2. What is Miss leading information?
                  1. Leading a question can emply that a certain answer is correct!
                    1. Examples!
                      1. Repeating the question
                        1. Ending with 'Didn't you' or 'are you sure'
                      2. What is Eye Witness Testimony (EWT)?
                        1. Eye witness testimony is the statement of a witness to a crime
                          1. It presents a huge issue as according to research our memory is not always accurate
                            1. Their has been a lot of research into how anxiety effects the accuracy of a testimony given.
                            2. Research
                              1. Johnson and Scott, the Pen and the Knife study
                                1. Lab experiment
                                  1. Two groups, two conditions
                                    1. Condition A - A convosation could be herd about equipment failure in the next room from the PP's, walked past the group holding a pen after
                                      1. Condition B - A heated argument could be herd in the next room (Glass smashing and chairs thrown), man walked past holding a blood stained knife after
                                      2. Results
                                        1. PP's were asked to recall the face of the man carrying the pen and the man carrying the knife out of 50 pictures
                                          1. The pen - 49% could identify the man holding the pen
                                            1. The knife - Only 33% could idntify the man holding the knife
                                            2. It is believed that anxiety stopped the witness being able to take in key infomation
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