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  1. What should a successful music video not include?
    1. Colourful and pleasing to the eye
      1. Engaging for the audience
        1. Can't be too dramatic
    2. How often do you watch music videos?
      1. The majority of our FC said they watch videos frequently
        1. This shows that our audience are up to date with social streaming
          1. Meaning our music video should be successful in reaching the target audience
      2. What do you think makes a good music video?
        1. They preferred a narrative storyline
          1. Make sure everything links well with the beat
            1. Good editing
              1. An overall professional appearance
        2. What genre of music do you think creates the best music video?
          1. Most people said that chart music videos are the best due to the beat
            1. This is because of the typical fast pace dance aspects of the songs
              1. However, one person said rock was best at creating original videos
                1. This helps us to think more outside the box when considering the originality of our video
          2. Do you think women in pop need to be represented sexually?
            1. Think no but stereotypically pop has sexualised women
            2. Do you like over the top and crazy music videos that don't have narrative to them?
              1. Majority of audience preferred a narrative side, and the editing to match the beat of the music.
                1. One person said edgy videos work if they look professional
              2. Do you only watch videos because of the artist involved?
                1. Majority would rather watch due to recommendations
                  1. Shows that people watch stuff that is popular
                2. What locations do you tend to see in music videos?
                  1. The predominant answer was holiday destinations or rural areas
                    1. Used to create an ideological lifestyle
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