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Head to Toe: misappreciation of women


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Careen Latoya La
Mind Map by Careen Latoya La, updated more than 1 year ago
Careen Latoya La
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Head to Toe: misappreciation of women
  1. Abuse
    1. FGM
      1. Rape
        1. Breast reduction with hot iron
        2. What it does to women?
          1. Pushes them into depression
            1. Forces them to hate themselves
              1. Objectifies them
                1. Forces them to change themselves
                2. Men
                  1. Contributors to this notion of misappreciation of women
                    1. Don't know how to love women
                      1. Some don't know how to control themselves
                        1. Some of those who do know how to appreciate women remain silent
                        2. Women
                          1. The mothers who do not know how to love themselves, miseducate their daughters
                            1. Some of those who know their worth, are as silent as the men
                              1. Victimised and unappreciated
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