General Characteristics of Animals by Carla and Judith

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General characteristics of animals.

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General Characteristics of Animals by Carla and Judith
  1. Their internal skeleton:
    1. Vertebrates:
      1. With internal skeleton
      2. inebrates:
        1. without internal skeleton
      3. How they are born
        1. viviparous
          1. they are born from they mother's womb
          2. oviparous
            1. they are born from eggs
          3. How they feed themselves
            1. carnivores
              1. they eat other animals
              2. Herbivores
                1. They eat leaves,fruit and plants
                2. Omnivores
                  1. They eat meat,grass,plants
                3. How they breathe
                  1. Lungs
                    1. Ex:::many terrestrial animals
                    2. tracheae
                      1. ex:insecs
                      2. gills
                        1. Ex :fish,aquatic animals
                      3. How they move
                        1. They can fly
                          1. They can swim
                            1. They can walk
                              1. They can slithe
                                1. animals can move from one place to another
                                2. where they live
                                  1. Terrestial animals
                                    1. Aquatic animals
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