Mobile banking

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baking operation (mobile banking)

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Mobile banking
  1. similar to internet banking
    1. provides a fast and convenient way of performing banking transactions
      1. must have mobile phone
        1. have features required by the bank that provides this service
        2. need to register account for mobile banking
          1. able to do transactions from anywhere when there have network coverage
          2. users should practise precaution
            1. not leaving mobile phones that is linked to their account unattended
              1. keeping their PIN confidential
                1. not reply any SMS claiming to be from their bank
                2. major banks collaborated with 2 major mobile network operators
                  1. offered a new mobile banking and payment services (MyMobile)
                    1. ability to support fund transfers using mobile phone no.
                      1. accesssible through all types of phones
                        1. fund transfer, bill payments, mobile prepaid reload
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