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Mind map made according to chapter 10 of the book Power and Choice by W. P. Shively
Diana Montaño
Mind Map by Diana Montaño, updated more than 1 year ago
Diana Montaño
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  1. Are not esclusive of democracies
    1. They may be adaptable to a variety of purposes.
    2. Has rules
        1. PR (Proportional representation systems)
          1. Representación Proporcional
            1. The state is devided into a relatively small number of large districts, each of which sends a large-ish number of members to the parliament.
          2. SMDP (single-member-district purality systems)
            1. Mayoría Simple
              1. The State is devided into a set of districts, usually having roughly equal populations. One representative is elected from each district to be a member of the legislative body os state, and whoever gets a plurality of the votes wins the seat.
                1. Plurality of Votes:
                  1. Is the largest number of votes cast for any candidate; if there are many candidates running, the plurality may be less than a majority of votes cast.
            2. Rules of state can, if they wish, write many detailed differences into their electoral systems.
              1. The trade-off between the two systems is one fairness to minorities and small parties, on the one hand, versus simplyfying the party sytem by weeding out small parties,
          3. Paradox of voting
            1. If things are considered from this perspective, no one who is sensible should vote.
            2. Referendum
              1. A device by wich the voters choose directly through their ballots whether a particular proposal will become law.
              2. Party Identification
                1. In most of the time one person is going to vote by party no matter what is going on.
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