Microwave Notes

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Microwave Notes
1 Advantages
1.1 Warms up leftovers
1.1.1 faster
1.1.2 retains nutrients
1.1.3 tastes better
1.2 Defrosts Meat
1.2.1 turn the food
1.2.2 Separate the pieces
1.2.3 Allow large items to stand for complete defrosting
1.2.4 Use immediately
1.3 Softens brown sugar
1.4 Plumps raisns
1.5 Freshens snacks and chips
1.6 Eliminates extra oils and fats
1.7 Made a great impact on today's lifestyles
2 Acceptable dishes
2.1 Paper
2.2 Plastic
2.3 Glass
2.4 Microwavable dishes
3 Unacceptable dishes
3.1 Metal
3.2 Dishes with gold or silver in it
4 Acceptable covers
4.1 Paper towels
4.2 Wax paper
4.3 Plastic wrap
5 Foods that shouldn't be microwaved
5.1 Eggs in shells
5.2 Pancakes
5.3 Popcorn
5.4 Canning foods
5.5 Deep-fry foods
5.6 Large amounts
6 Techniques
6.1 Stirring
6.2 Turning over
6.3 Standing time
6.4 Shielding
6.5 Covering
6.6 Arrange in circle
6.7 Rotating
6.8 Pricking
6.9 Same size
7 Cause molecules in food to vibrate which creates heat
8 Cannot go through metals
9 Energy can be uneven
10 Microwaves bounce off the side of the oven
11 The more food being cooked, the less energy for each item
12 Foods cook quickly and most don't have time to brown
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