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The internet


Mind Map on The internet, created by Ben-wright on 10/20/2015.
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The internet
  1. Term- Point of Presence
    1. Abbrev- PoP
      1. definition- An access point to the internet. Normally, it is a location which contains all of the hardware which allows internet users access to the internet. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) may operate several PoPs in their area to allow good access to the internet.
    2. Term- network Access Point
      1. Abbrev- NAP
        1. Definition- An interchange between networks wthn the internet. It allows IP'S to interconnect with each other.
      2. Term- Internet protoclol
        1. Abbrev- IP
          1. Definition- The protocol used to route packets of information across the internet.
        2. Term- transmission control Protocol
          1. Abbrev- TCP
            1. Definition- The protocal which takes data from a user’s application program and passes it to the IP for transfer across the internet. The reverse operation is performed at the destination computer, i.e. the TCP reassembles the data (from individual packets) and forwards them to the user’s application program.
          2. Term- File transfer Protocol
            1. Abbrev- FTP
              1. Definition- A standard protocol which allows files to be transferred between two computers on a TCP-based network. It is commonly used to download programs to your computer from other servers and to upload web pages that you have created to the server that is hosting them on the internet.
            2. Term- internet Service Provider
              1. Abbrev- ISP
                1. definition- Direct connection to the internet would be very costly and so ISPs provide a cost-effective gateway for people and organisations to get onto the internet. In the UK there are many ISPs, with some of the most popular ones being BT (British Telecom), Virgin Media and Sky.
              2. Term- iSP services
                1. Definition- In addition to providing a gateway to the internet, ISPs normally provide additional services such as email. Many also provide web space for the development of websites, technical support and troubleshooting.
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