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Unit 1 photograph


Tony  Liu
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Tony  Liu
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Unit 1 photograph
  1. Spatial Significance
    1. Good place to swim, fishing and relax
      1. Beach for entertainment (johnson beach, ETC)
        1. Its our water system(where our water came from)
        2. Interrelationships
          1. The water provides a habitat for aquatic species
            1. The water provide us healthy drinking water
              1. The water is connected to our sewage system, it allows the barrie citizens to use the sweage system(Toliet, Sink)
              2. Patterns and Trends
                1. The Fisherman catch fish, and than they sale it to a market, and than market sales it to a buyer, the buyer eats it
                  1. They repeat because it keeps the economy moving
                    1. Water freezes into ice every year(repeat)
                    2. Geographic Perspective
                      1. The water has an effect on the economic, 80% of the money that barrie makes is from ice fishing.
                        1. The water can effect the enviorment, because when we spray pesticide in farm, the toxic goes into the water system, and the toxic will goes into our drinking water, and it might damage the ecosystem in that area.
                          1. The water can also effect the enviroment, because of the invasive species.
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