Software Processes

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Hardcore Software Engineering Mind Map on Software Processes, created by Nurul Aiman Abdu on 10/21/2015.

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Software Processes
1 coping with change
1.1 large software projects.Eg-technologies
1.2 leads to rework
2 reducing the cost rework
2.1 change avoidance
2.2 change tolerance
3 software prototyping
3.1 benefit
3.1.1 improved maintainability
3.1.2 improved design quality
3.2 def:initial version of a system
3.2.1 process to help requirements
3.2.2 develop a UI design
3.2.3 testing process
3.3 prototype development
3.3.1 functionality focus on functional not include error checking focus a certain area;not understood
3.3.2 rapid prototyping language
3.4 throw-away prototypes
3.4.1 discarded as not a good basis non functional requirements undocumented degraded not organisational standards
3.5 process of prototype
3.5.1 prototyping plan
3.5.2 outline definition
3.5.3 executable prototype
3.5.4 evaluation report
4 incremental development
4.1 develop the system in increments
4.2 used in agile methods
5 incremental delivery
5.1 user requirements as priority
5.2 realistic evaluation about practical use of software
5.3 use by end users
5.4 different to implement for replacement system
5.5 advantange
5.5.1 lower risk of overall project failure
5.5.2 tend to receive the most testing
5.5.3 system functionality is available ealier
5.6 problem
5.6.1 the essence of iterative processes is that the specification is developed in conjuction with the software
5.6.2 hard to identify common facilities
6 Boehm's spiral model
6.1 spiral vs sequence of activities
6.2 spiral model sectors
6.2.1 objective setting
6.2.2 risk assessment and reduction
6.2.3 development & validation
6.2.4 planning
6.3 represents a phase in the process
6.4 spiral model usage
6.4.1 helping people think about iteration in software processes
7.1 RUP iteration
7.1.1 cross phase iteration loop
7.1.2 inphase iteration developed incrementally
7.1.3 phase transition contruction inception elaboration
7.2 Modern generic process
7.3 3 prespective
7.3.1 dynamic
7.3.2 static
7.3.3 practice
7.4 good practice
7.4.1 use component based architectures
7.4.2 use component based architectures
7.4.3 manage requirements
7.4.4 control changes to software
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